Today’s Offerings

Heading out to the brewpub today? Here’s what’s on tap and in the cooler! Looking for Akademia beer elsewhere in Athens, metro Atlanta, metro Augusta, Macon or Columbus? Check out our “Where to Drink” page.

This list is updated daily and subject to change without notice.

Akademia Beers
For detailed descriptions of our beer, click here. Beers with an asterisk (*) before the name are always available in to-go 32-ounce crowlers as well as on draft.

*The Dom
*Niobe’s Tears
Fructuosum Series: Niobe’s Tears — Three versions available today! Pink guava; a blend of raspberry and key lime; and strawberry-peach.
*Extra Credit
*Hades’ Hounds – Hunker Down Brown
*Southern Snow Day Haze
Cellarman’s Sour — Mac experimented with adding blueberry juice to Southern Snow Day Haze. Taste the final version!
*Everything He Touches
*Fructuosum series: Everything He Touches — The triple berry blend of boysenberry, blackberry and black currant is back on tap!
Cellarman’s Saison — Mac’s been playing in the back with tart brett saison. Today we’ve got a blend of grapefruit, cranberry and orange.
*Jnana Juice
Paraskevidekatriaphobia on coffee

Guest Brews

Guest cans
India Pale Ale (6% ABV) — Gluten-free IPA. Glutenberg Craft Brewery, Montréal, Quebec.

Guest bottles
The Spice Merchant (6% ABV) — Chai cider. Noble Cider, Asheville, North Carolina.
The Village Tart (7.5% ABV) — Cherry cider.  Noble Cider, Asheville, North Carolina.

Akademia Brewing Company also proudly serves a selection of wine, spirits, locally made craft sodas from New Creation Soda Works and Coca-Cola sodas.