In an effort to help those less fortunate than us, and keep our dedicated staff employed we are launching this outreach program to help feed community members in need. We are kicking this program off by donating 150 hot meals to Our Daily Bread tomorrow to feed people in need in Athens. We are also speaking with other Charities in the area and want to be ready to meet the communities needs.

Like many these days we have found ourselves in pretty bad shape over here at Akademia. Sales have mostly dried up and the fog of uncertainty has invaded our personal space. The fact of the matter is the proposition of relying solely on delivery, catering, and curb side pick up sales will not be enough to keep employees working for long. Complying with the CDC and government recommendations on social distancing and limiting large gatherings will further hinder our ability to ride this out. However, we are not ready to give up and let this bug beat us.

We have already received a generous donation to help extend this program into next week, and have a few other corporate sponsors ready to contribute. We are looking for other charitable organizations that have a need, and donors to help fund this effort. If you have any ideas of charities I should be talking to please email and reference Akademia Outreach in the subject line. If you have the means or know of anyone that does please consider donating via BottleShare, a 501c3 nonprofit organization:

Donations for this fund raiser can be made at this link:

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Matt Casey