Akademia’s thoughtfully crafted event spaces and caring staff are the heart to making your event go perfect, feel professional, and leave you satisfied. Our lounge is outfitted with comfy couches that were made perfect for sipping beer, board games for your enjoyment, and a projector with a screen ready to play whatever your heart desires! Our dining area is decorated beautifully and has a direct view of our brewery & beer-making process. If you want to take this party outside, our patio has ample room for all the shenanigans and horseplay you can conjure up.

If our lounge and dining area are too small for your crew, come check out our Akademia Event Space. We offer the use of our giant event room, complete with seating, tables, a wall-to-wall mural, sound systems, and access to our delicious and original Akademia Beer. If you feel like really spicing your night up, then ask us about our bar options for events!